Collection Ruesch

Collection Ruesch Design ring configurator
online 3D ring modificator
Jewelry retail, B2C, B2B
3D, Flash, backend services

Collection Ruesch, Austria’s leading producer of wedding rings, hired Us to produce their online wedding ring designer.
Collection Ruesch 3D ring modificator offers the visually most attractive and the technologically most sophisticated wedding ring designer to achieve a really unique pair of wedding rings. The 3D ring modificator tool let’s users pick a member of previously uniquely designed selection and modify rings in six easy steps in an interactive way: size, color, texture, diamonds and engraving. Each modifications made in each step updates the 3D product view in realtime with all its attribute such as size, color, texture or price calculation. The 3D ring designs can be saved for later view or further design, or can be purchased in person through the help of the store locator. The system allows Collection Rusch partners to enter to an area where they can order products with special partner features and discount.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Metrix Internet Design GMBH.